General Real Estate Closing Information

///General Real Estate Closing Information
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General Closing Information

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Once our office begins handling a closing, Buyers and Sellers should fill out and complete the relevant Information Form:

The completed Buyer or Seller Information Form can be faxed to 478-471-7884 or emailed to


In the event any individual who will be signing closing documents will not be attending the Closing at our office, they must indicate that on the Information Form and return it to our office as soon as possible. The individual should then coordinate with our office to allow us to:

  • Prepare the documents prior to the Closing to be signed off-site and overnighted to our office (additional fees will apply);
  • Prepare a Power of Attorney for the individual not attending the Closing to allow another individual to sign on his or her behalf (additional fees will apply); or
  • Review an existing Power of Attorney prior to the Closing to verify its sufficiency under Georgia law. The Original Power of Attorney must be brought to the Closing, as it will need to be recorded prior to being returned.


In the event any party to the closing is an LLC, a Corporation, a Partnership, a Trust, an Estate, or other entity, additional documentation may be required by our office.