What to Expect at Closing
The most fundamental real estate transaction is a “cash closing.” This type of transaction can be consummated by executing a handful of documents such as a Settlement Statement, Seller’s and Purchaser’s Affidavits, and Transfer Tax Form. However, a transaction involving a mortgage loan can require execution of (50) fifty or more documents. Some of these will be prepared by the closing attorney’s office, but most will be prepared by the Lender. The documents furnished by the Lender will include Federal and State forms as well as a host of others ranging from various affidavits to taxes.
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Owners Title Insurance

Owner’s Title Insurance is an insurance policy that has a low one-time premium, paid at closing, that protects Buyer’s against any problems that may arise with title to their property. This policy is in place for as long as you own your property. We highly recommend that you obtain this coverage. The documents prepared by our office will include a title insurance policy, and you will be charged for this policy at the time of closing. If you do not wish to purchase title insurance, we will remove this from your settlement statement at your request. You will receive your Title Insurance Policy when the original recorded Warranty Deed is returned to you. If you have not received your Title Insurance Policy within three months of the closing date, please contact our office.

After Closing Questions

The Process-How the Paperwork Flows

Homestead Exemption